Bi-Weekly Wrap Up – 18/2/2021

Welcome to the second of my bi-weekly-ish monthly-ish wrap up of blog posts, social media posts and anything else that I find interesting/fascinating/helpful across any of my interests. So here we go:

Luke CarthyBlog Post on ASOS
Luke wrote a great write up on what ASOS should do after the purchase of TopShop, Top Man and Miss Selfridge. Unfortunetly it seems ASOS had already started making the opersite changes to Lukes thoughts. But its still well worth a read!

Allegra ChapmanFive things they donโ€™t teach you in Mum School
Although I’m, not a Mum, As of March 2020, I am now a stay at home Dad. I remember the birth of my second daughter thinking a lot of these things. I was dragged to NCT classes and Hypnobirthing (What a waste of time all of that was!)

Google Analytics – Following the 24-hour Surge in Google Analytics Referrer Spam back at the beginning of February, I launched Referer Spam List on Twitter, which initially got a “fair bit*” of attention on Twitter it didn’t get any other referrer spam URLs added to the list apart from the ones I added myself. I also stopped pushing it myself following Dean and Mike pointing me to Mikes articles Here and Here.

(* a fair bit compared to my normal twitter shit posting)

And finally – my friends at get another mention for winning several G2 Awards for Highest Satisfaction, Mid-Market, Remote Work, and IT Cloud Management – Congrats Guys!

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