Bi-Weekly Wrap Up – 19/1/2021

Im starting a bi-weekly-ish wrap up of blog posts and social media posts I find interesting/fascinating/helpful across any of my interests. So here we go.

2020 WrapUps – A selection of 2020 wrap ups.

Ryan Gibson
Ryan and his business partner Ian own and operate several education subscription sites. You can quite often find constructive and actionable advice from both of them on Twitter.

Richard Bell
Richard is another business owner, who I have only recently followed but his wrap up for the year was a good one!

Tom Hirst
Tom is another business owner that I have only put two and two together that I own his “Pricing Freelance Projects” Ebook but hadn’t followed.

Twitter Thread

An interesting Twitter Thread from around building his business. With some handy tips.

NewsLetter Glue

Lesley from NewsletterGlue posted this walkthrough of how easy it is to create an email campaign using Newsletter Glue. Definelty one to have a look at if you have a mailing list.

JumpCloud Funding

A company I love and follow quite closely is JumpCloud. I’ve worked with them on various clients in the past and was pleased to see them take on additional funding to help them move the product forward even quicker then before!

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