How to Install Zoom for macOS using JumpCloud Commands

The next script talks you through how to install Zoom for macOS using JumpCloud Commands. It follows a similar structure to the other commands I have posted. Creates a temp repo on the mac, downloads the latest version, mounts, installs, and removes the temp files. Simple but effective. I have broken this out of this post as I am separating all of the commands into there own blog post.

Install Zoom for macOS using JumpCloud Commands.

# Script to download, Silent Install and then clean up once installed Zoom 
# Writen by 

#Make temp folder for downloads. 
mkdir "/tmp/zoom/"; cd "/tmp/zoom/"; 

#Download Zoom. 
curl -L -o /tmp/zoom/zoom.pkg ""; 

#install Zoom 
sudo installer -pkg /private/tmp/zoom/zoom.pkg -target /; 

#tidy up 
sudo rm -rf "/tmp/zoom";

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3 thoughts on “How to Install Zoom for macOS using JumpCloud Commands”

  1. I am getting no return/error on the first command and getting a password error on the last command (after I manually created the temp directory that was failing in step 1).

    Not sure why creating a simple directory and deleting the said directory has become the problem…step 2 & 3 went flawlessly. Thank you for the awesome commands!!

    • Hi Sam,
      Thanks for commenting – Leave it with me and I will recheck the Zoom command. Something may have changed since it was publshed 🙂


      • Hi Sam, I just tested the command and it worked perfectly. Who are you running the command as in JumpCloud commands? If you set it to Root it should be fine, im not sure if setting it to the user whose machine it is will cause permissions problems perhaps?
        Let me know


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