Installing Duo Device Health Using JumpCloud Commands

Write up to follow – As usual use at your own risk.

# Script to download, Silent Install and then clean up once Due Device Health
# Writen by

#Make temp folder for downloads.
mkdir "/tmp/duo/";
cd "/tmp/duo/";

#Download Due Device Health.
curl -L -o /tmp/duo/DuoDeviceHealth-latest.dmg "";

#Mount DMG
hdiutil attach /tmp/duo/DuoDeviceHealth-latest.dmg -nobrowse;

sudo installer -pkg  /Volumes/DuoDeviceHealth/Install-DuoDeviceHealth.pkg -target /;

#Unmount DMG
hdiutil detach /Volumes/DuoDeviceHealth/ -force;

#Tidy Up
sudo rm -rf /tmp/duo/


Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile "C:\Users\Public\DuoDeviceHealth-latest.msi"
cd C:\Users\Public\

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