Installing OneNote for MacOS using JumpCloud Commands

I had a request from a user on the JumpCloud Slack Lounge for a script to install Microsoft OneNote on MacOS. So here it is, follows the form of all of my other scripts. Any questions leave a comment below and I will try to answer the best I can.

# Script to download, Silent Install and then clean up once installed Microsoft onenote for Mac
# Writen by

#Make temp folder for downloads.
mkdir "/tmp/onenote/";
cd "/tmp/onenote/";

#Download Word, PowerPoint and Excel into temp folder.
curl -L -o /tmp/onenote/onenote.pkg "";

#Silent Install each application.
sudo -S installer -allowUntrusted -pkg "/tmp/onenote/onenote.pkg" -target /;

#Remove Temp Files
sudo rm -rf "/tmp/onenote/";

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